Ollieroo Set of 2 Weight Plates Holder Attachment

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  • Be Used With: Designed to fit 2" x 2" square tube power racks with 1" hole & 2" diameter Olympic Weight Plates, and the sleeve length is up to 11"
  • STRONG AND STURDY CONSTRUCTION: Made of solid stainless steel, heavy duty design up to 300lbs. per plate holder
  • SAVE YOUR SPACE: This pair of weight plate holders is the perfect alternative for bulky & space-consuming weight plate trees. The holders are especially ideal for home gym, garage gym, or commercial fitness facilities with limited space. In addition, by using holders, the walking path becomes clear & neat without weight plates, preventing you and others tripping on weight plates on the floor
  • EASY TO USE: Easy to insert and lock-in design, just slide pin into power rack's hole and swing down to lock in place. This smart design makes it more convenient for loading and unloading the weight plates


- Color: Black

- Material: Steel

- Weight: 5.5lbs

- Sleeve length: 11"

- Sleeve diameter: 2.1"

- Overall length: 13.3"

- Quantity: 2(Sold in pairs)


- Extra safe lock in design

- 11" long extended weight plate holder shaft

- Designed to work flawlessly with 2" x 2" square tube power racks with 1" hole & 2" diameter Olympic Weight Plates

- This set of two weight plate holders holds up to 600lbs combined