Ollieroo Dog Playpen Exercise Pen Cat Fence Pet Outdoor Indoor Cage

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  • GOOD DESIGN: Black E-Coat finish resistant to rust and corrosion; The panels are strong and coated so they will not rust
  • PORTABLE: Easy to Set Up, Fold Down, and Transport
  • Size of each panel: 24” x 30”, one door access available; Comes with 3 clips to make it one piece or attach to a crate
  • Durable pet playpen ideal for indoors and outdoors use
  • You can combine it into many different shapes whatever you prefer; Long rectangle, Octagon shape, Square shape, multifunctional item

  • This Exercise Playpen can be set-up in minutes without tools required. 
  • The unique fold and carry configuration allows you for easy storage or for transporting to another location. 
  • Further,the exercise pen can be stored in a smaller area when not in use. 
  • Durable,delicate satin black E-Coat Finish provides years of protection. 
  • This 8-panel pet pen can be used both indoors and outdoors. Made of premium quality metal wire. 
  •  Package: 1 pc Ollieroo 8-Panel Metal Wire Dog Playpen & 3 pcs Metal Clasps. 

  • Pens are designed to hold well-trained pets. Even the strongest pens can't contain wild or rowdy animals, therefore all pets should be properly trained to use the pen, and/or care should be taken to ensure animals do not break free and hurt themselves or others. This is especially important when first introducing your pet to the pen, as they may not be used to being confined.