Ollieroo Cat Tree Tower Condo Furniture Scratching Post Three Layers Kitten Cond

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  • Made out of pressed wood and the surface material is plush faux fur.
  • Covered by sisal rope and perfect for climbing & scratching, keeping your cats off your furniture
  • Soft plush surface offers two platform for your kitten to lounge and sleep, comfortable to rest and relax.
  • Cats will Love it - Great cat tree for scratching, climbing, sleeping, and exercising; Tree house design recommend to place near the window or in the corner, cats love looking out the windows
  • Approximate tree dimensions: 16 x 16 x 52H inches

  • Soft high quality faux fur, the fur will neither fade nor hair remove.
  • Easy to install with tools and instructions.
  • Natural sisal rope are strong and durable enough for cats to scratch and play with.
  • Beautiful color combination of beige and brown perfect to match your home decoration.
  • Perchs and hammock with capacious room for cats to sleep and play

Scratching post and scratching plate with high quality durable sisal rope can inspires cat's interest and can sharpen and maintain their claws. 
Pets can be our best companion, so we need to give them the best care. Just give your cat a warm house combining the entertainment efficacy